21 Reasons To Love Cristiano Ronaldo

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  1. Great athlete, very talented… but why do people always “thank god for
    their talents?”

    Why not your parents or your dedication to practice or your teachers… in
    the grand scheme of things did god really help you get anything?

  2. Reasons to hate Cristiano Ronaldo.
    1. He dives about 100 times per game, and fakes being hurt. Seriously, when
    this guy is touched you’d think he just got run over by a truck.
    2. He behaves like an arrogant prick.
    3. He’s selfish and cares about his stats and records way more than his
    4. His celebrations are infuriating and acts like penalties and tap-ins are
    the greatest goals that have ever been scored.
    5. He has a terrible temper at times and will yell and get aggressive when
    things don’t go his way. Particularly with officials.
    6. He plays for Real, which is pure money whore club.

    Reasons to love him:
    1. The guy’s footballing talent is unquestionable. Definitely one of the
    best individuals ever.

  3. Why should i love him? He thanked ‘God’ for his talent, he should thank
    himself and everyone who got hum there that dumb bitch.

  4. I am from Portugal as well, I like him very much and i am sure will get
    comments saying ” MESSI IS BETTER YOU STUPID BITCH” but this is fine haha..

  5. To everybody saying Ronaldo is better than Messi, consider this: Messi’s
    goal ratio per game is .82 while Ronaldo’s is 0.68. Basically that means
    Ronaldo has 167 more appearances for club and country but is only beating
    Messi by 41 goals. Once both of their careers are over Messi will be the
    obvious winner in this debate. Please leave a comment that I’m somehow a
    Messi fanboy despite supporting a club that isn’t even in the same country
    as Barcelona.

  6. Ronaldo is great, no doubt. But he is unlucky to live in the same century
    as the best player ever: MESSI

  7. Reasons I hate him:
    I was born into a Catalan-Brazilian family, and forced to like Barcelona.
    (Which I don’t mind doing.)
    Every time someone even makes the slightest physical contact with him, he
    falls clutching his face, even if his face wasn’t touched.
    He has so much social media presence…It kills me.
    Even after the easiest goals, he always walks around like it was the best
    goal ever. Even penalties.
    He has a higher diving record than Neymar.
    Unlike Messi he is “Presently, he is the best…” and cares more about
    personal records than records with the team.
    He plays for RMA, a team that has spent more than 1 Billion euros since
    they last won the Champions League in 2002.
    He spends a lot of his money on cars…
    Things that I don’t hate him for:
    He donate his blood twice a year
    He has good skill

    thats about it

  8. ok. since your doing this, u gotta do one for messi too or u ll lose half
    of the subscribers. its ronaldo or messi, ps4 or xbox1, believer shit or
    one directioner. 

  9. Ronaldo is the best: 2013 ballon d’or, 2014 Golden boot, best player in La
    Liga, Highest scorer in La Liga as well as in all Europe, best goal in La
    Liga, and best striker/forward.

    Messi: Best player in FIFA 15.


  10. Title is wrong… None of this facts made me ‘love’ CR, how would anyone
    love him for throwing a chair to a teacher lol. Anyway he’s a nice guy

  11. Tbh, Ronaldo is so much better than messi. I love Real Madrid as they are
    better than Barcelona for sure. Ronaldo deserves to be loves and deserves
    to be the best I mean c’mon have u seen messi?!? He is aggressive in his
    play now, he was better back then. So all of u messi fans, u better love

  12. Most of the facts aren’t facts to love him…
    The only reason I don’t like him, is because almost everybody in school was
    for Portugal when Germany played against Portugal. (I live in Switzerland)

  13. hmm, one ballon d’Or in 2008 and one in 2013. Who got them in the four
    years in between? Oh right, you know what i mean 😛 

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