Although it borders mostly on the improbable, Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest drama triangle with the Spanish tax authorities and Real Madrid appears to have cooked up a chance for PSG to sign the one player they have admired since laying their hands on Petrodollars.

The Parisians have had a fair share of superstars join since signing the Portuguese seemed impossible. Edison Cavani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and an impressive number of quality players have bought in to their gospel for the past 6 years.

That doesn’t mean they ever stopped burrowing through paper works and mathematical probabilities on the chances of signing the former Manchester United man.

For this summer’s transfer window though, it appears the current Best Player in the world of football did provide a loophole with which they can scoop him up. After being accused recently of evading taxes running into millions, Cristiano, after posting a lips-crossed picture of him urging his fans that “sometimes the best answer [is]to be quiet,” has appeared to have allowed the ever tempting freedom of speaking one’s mind, that comes from the vantage point of being away from the people who the message is directed at, get to him.

In allowing news of his disappointment at the poor protection from his current club and hinting on his desire to leave, the 33-year old opened up avoidable frictions that although look containable, may end up as an un-repairable wound should Madrid’s name be dragged further into the mud.

That won’t be of any concern to PSG though as they would be more concerned with sowing the seeds of discourse between player and club.

With exciting talents like Angel di Maria, Julian Draxler and Marco Veratti, the Parisians have enough personnel to assure Ronaldo of a squad that will be built to serve his purpose.Bayern Munich have also declared their non-interest in bringing him to Germany. This is the best time to act.