Casillas Happy To Stay With Real Madrid

Ever since Iker Casillas played his debut season with Real Madrid back in 1999, the Spanish goalkeeper has been a consistent performer as he has made over 18 league appearances at club in the Santiago Bernabeu with the only exception being the previous season which concluded one month ago and the veteran shot-stopper was featured in just 2 matches.

Casillas struggled trying to playing time in the league as Carlo Ancelotti preferred utilizing the services of Diego Lopez but despite his lack of playing time according to the Italian coach, Casillas will remain with the club at least for another season.

Ancelotti said: “Casillas is very happy to stay here, and we’re happy that he’s staying.”

Clubs that enjoy going through an impressive season winning several titles do not go undetected or under the radar and this is the case with Athletic Madrid as they won the Spanish League and were on the verge of securing the Champions League as well and some of their more established players such as: David Villa and Diego Costa are seeing their way out of the club.

Even though Alvaro Morata has never been a standout player in the Real Madrid squad just being in the club that won the Champions League puts him in the spotlight of clubs around the world and he is being targeted by Arsenal, Wolfsburg, Juventus and other top clubs but even if Morata does leave the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid is being rumored to sign Romelu Lukaku as a direct replacement.

Morata would like perform in a team where he can get guaranteed playing time and does not have to compete with other top notch just get a chance to perform in the first team of the club which is the thing that is happening with him with Real Madrid.