Cristiano Ronaldo ► Somebody I Used To Know | 2012 / 2013 HD ◆ CO-OP

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo ► Somebody I Used To Know | 2012 / 2013 HD ◆ CO-OP”

  1. Mehmed Mujdet says:

    Good video

  2. Andres velasquez says:

    youtube mp3 pones el link del vido y lo descargas

  3. Andres velasquez says:

    Se llama Somebody I Used To Know y la cante gotay el link donde la puedes descargar

  4. javier cabeza says:

    como se llama esa cancion

  5. Romel Hernandez Martin says:

    Jugador mas talentoso del mundo y de la historia

  6. Daniel Po says:

    I am honored to be of the club that formed this guys, Cristiano Ronaldo. That club is Sporting Clube de Portugal. Sporting is a great club and Ronaldo loves Sporting too has we love him. Cristiano Ronaldo <3

  7. serge lamar says:

    que genero es la cancion??

  8. josse messi says:

    q video tan feeeeeo

  9. duortsasasauhsoj says:

    Brilliant. Showing 5 different clips per second with effects that look like my eyes are watering and blackouts every time he does a skill. Shit video

  10. efga4109 says:

    Crestiano is a legend

  11. niyazi taşkın says:


    CR7 <3 😉

  12. Thế Anh Phạm says:

    Legendary Ronaldo7

  13. MakRon07 says:

    plz check out my channel for CR7 edits

  14. gustavo hernandez says:

    juega conganas

  15. kurniawanwewe says:


  16. edgar rojas says:

    me encata la musica y como juega cr7 eres el mejor cr7

  17. Roland Jurado says:

    only i hate the sonh only that the rest i like it (Y) a good video

  18. Maxwell Souza says:

    He is the best….o.O

  19. parodieita says:

    he’s the best

  20. Andy Malave says:


  21. Joakinzillo Arriagada says:

    What’s the remix of the song video?

  22. joshmcpake says:

    that song just completes that amazing video

  23. Amzy Mulla says:

    I watch this every day

  24. Amzy Mulla says:

    Crazy comments

  25. bartas608 says:


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