Cristiano Ronaldo ● All Goals in 2012/2013 ● With Commentary

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo ● All Goals in 2012/2013 ● With Commentary”

  1. Jose Esparza says:

    They play October 23.

  2. Tài ACE says:

    yeah he still pay tax

  3. Maria Osman says:

    Miss 2 see Cr7 scoring against Barca Hala Madrid

  4. sandrat443 says:

    Yo amo a cristiano 6;

  5. Ιωάννης Σαμότ says:

    messi is dieing cr7 standing well

  6. Wayne Pan says:

    50 goals right now!!!
    Would you please update this vid if you can

  7. Maiua Ikpeng says:


  8. Iulian Muntean says:

    For me, Cristiano is the best player in the world!Messi is second)

  9. FIFAGamerrHD says:


  10. Jose Osuna says:

    1:22 plain awesomeness.

  11. Moh Monim says:

    9:20 get a room ronaldo and ozil lol lol

  12. Shortrep says:

    I love how half the comments are about messi. This is a RONALDO MONTAGE. I personally believe that messi is better however I can see the other point of view and don’t hate Ronaldo. If you can’t appreciate the unique genius that is Ronaldo then don’t watch a Ronaldo montage. In the same way that if you can’t appreciate he unique genius that messi is u shouldn’t watch a messi montage. Just saying

  13. dorian berard says:

    arrete toi a 1:34

  14. Noemi T says:


  15. Mik S.V says:

    that’s because messi fans don’t understand that cr7 is better, messi won’t ever be the same messi out of barcelona … that’s it !

  16. Sunnit Nayak says:

    MESSI 1

  17. Jorge Hernandez says:

    Cristano’s gools are better

  18. Caroline Vigna says:

    Messi and Ronaldo are both amazing players:)

  19. SkailLP says:

    Messi have 494 fake channels!

  20. MrFelisucooo says:

    Ola cristiano soi odamay tu fan de siempre puedes contestarme

  21. lTl Shadid says:

    I really don’t understand the comparisons made between Cristiano and Lionel. Mainly because they are two different players, who play in different positions, with teams of different style of play. Not to mention the fact that they have 2 completely different footballing philosophies and both of those have proved to be decisive. But I guess since they are the top 2 players in the world (quite possibly ever), comparisons must arise. I salute them both.

  22. seid bairamov says:

    in 08:07 goalkeeper said wtf was this

  23. Chris Mekos says:

    I don’t not like Ronaldo, it just pisses me off when people try to start arguments.

  24. ForzAzzurri061 says:

    I don’t understand why people like you get so mad over who can do what better. They are both the best in the world, and appreciate that they have different playing styles and positions. Just because you can like one player doesn’t mean you can like the other! 

  25. Drunker Mutn says:

    this the madrid I love and miss

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