Cristiano Ronaldo ● Crazy Backheel Show ● 2008-2015 ||HD||

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo ● Crazy Backheel Show ● 2008-2015 ||HD||”

  1. AshStudio7 says:

    #CristianoRonaldo with a crazy backheel show! Can we smash 800 LIKES?!

    Football channel:

  2. Edgar Nuñez says:

    Ñame of the song

  3. MNXHD says:

    Very nice video bro! :)

  4. RafaelSalesNJR says:

    Great vid man !

  5. kevin diaz says:

    Ashtudio7 what happend u dont give a answer to your fans

  6. iNSANiTY says:

    Too bad he’s leaving Real Madrid 🙁

    April Fools :D

  7. Yannick Ndjike Fotso says:

    Show them brother. He ain’t gonna give up on us.

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  9. Mohit kashyap says:

    Add martin garrix forbidden voices to your new videos

  10. sean69superguy says:

    How could people say this guys passing isn’t great?

  11. InfamousTv says:

    Nice c;

  12. Henrique Guerra says:

    Ganho mais um escrito :D

  13. Felipe Silva says:

    Only cr7!! Great video 

  14. Erika Ramirez says:

    Gave a like to every vide and told all my freind and family to like and

  15. PARLEY says:

    Awesome video bro!

  16. ben leka says:

    The Best Player Ever Cristiano Ronaldo !

  17. S Pino12 says:

    chec mi channel ?

  18. Macviek.cr7 says:


  19. Nick Kelly says:

    I don’t see how a rabona is a back heel 

  20. onlyfootball says:

    oh man thats really good! 🙂 When you have time, please check my falcao
    video :)

  21. Erika Ramirez says:

    Like then beat bro keep on making good vides $

  22. LLCProductions s says:

    Show brother!!

  23. Edwin Martinez says:

    Hey can you re-upload that video called “cristiano ronaldo destroying
    premier league” i have been enjoying that video this last days and cant see
    it now, thanks.

  24. Jesus Christ says:

    I love soccer, but football is much better.

  25. BomBox Gamer says:

    Nice job bro

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