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Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese and Real Madrid striker came off with another award after bagging the Balloon d’Or award last year.

Following a viewers’ vote, Ronaldo was elected the World Star of the Year by Eurosport – a sports TV Channel. Ronaldo is also considered the favourite to win FIFA Player of the Year award this January.

From the votes given by voters, Ronaldo received a total of 40 percent of the votes. Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter received 25 percent of the votes while Michael Phelps, US swimmer received 12 percent of the votes.

This is coming at a time in the player’s life when his number of accolades have been on the rise and international recognition has also been notable.

For instance, Ronaldo recently rejected an offer by a Chinese team which was to give him an annual pay check of €100 million while also offering to pay €300 million for his transfer fee.

Jorge Mendes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent in an interview with Sky Sport Italia had revealed the news, saying:

“An offer from China of €300 million arrived at Real Madrid and another €100 million per year for the player,” Mendes said, without naming the club.

“But money isn’t everything. Real Madrid is his life. Cristiano is happy at Real Madrid and it is impossible for him to go to China,” he added.

The agent also noted that China is emerging as a new market capable of attracting a lot of footballers but according to him, it would be impossible to attract Ronaldo.

“Cristiano is the best football player in the world and the best ever. It is normal for him to get offers,” he added.

Carlos Tevez, an Argentinian international recently became the highest paid player in the world following his signing of a two-year contract with Shanghai Shenhua, a Chinese club worth US$80 million.