Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 The Legend Part 1

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 The Legend Part 1”

  1. yaseer memo says:

    this video makes me feel sad cuz hes not the same anymore

  2. CrusaderLax22 says:

    you gotta admit hes hot I’m a guy

  3. francisco de assis dos samtos Assis says:

    ele n ta jogando tanto quando ele jogava no manchester ele era foda pacas

  4. francisco de assis dos samtos Assis says:

    a historia dele e massa pra caralho

  5. sotiris saitas says:

    the legend of football.cr7

  6. manel kouves says:

    cant wait to see bale and CR7 in the same team…

  7. manel kouves says:

    cant stop from red hot chili peppers

  8. tgoutham24 says:

    Step over king

  9. cr9blue says:

    hahaha that´s funny! xD

  10. Hassan Abo says:

    Song name

  11. SuperCobra Red says:

    He’s the best!!

  12. Derda Kurt says:

    Song is gay
    It must be a song which gonna motivate u

  13. fatjonhaziri says:

    Number 1 c.ronaldo

  14. laschicas146 says:

    It is the red hot chillipeppers

  15. Krybe005 says:


  16. newstar10able says:

    man u ronaldo is way cooler than real ronaldo

  17. clark edwards says:


  18. Mohammed Jounid says:

    plz nam the music is …….. ???????

  19. Mo Footi says:

    He is at Madrid not the Red Devils anymore

  20. Mo Footi says:

    I love cr7 the legend part 1 but one thing it’s old Hess

  21. Edel Ensaldo says:

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  22. Jovan Stanic says:


  23. Alexandre Pato says:


  24. Robin Van Persie says:

    Champions League final baby - 2:44

  25. Bader Alrasheed says:

    I just saw ronaldinho

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