Cristiano Ronaldo Left – Manchester United 11 JUNE..

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7 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Left – Manchester United 11 JUNE..”

  1. zygis marcinkevicius says:

    Lol, United sold Ronaldo and didn’t get ribery :DDD

  2. andrewderriese says:


  3. iiWaLKeeeR97ii says:

    Really miss him :(

  4. xxLiverpoolfc says:

    “I wouldnt sell that lot a virus”

    “No, I am going to stay here”


  5. danijones says:

    Just would have preferred it if we could have given him a send off– we didn’t have a send of for beckham, v nistelrooy and now ronaldo

  6. SamHowesInDaHouse says:

    i hope united get ribery now

  7. cronaldo17287 says:

    Hope him a lot of succes like in MAN U, the red machine stille marching… RONALDO MU fans love u and wish u all of good with your new team good luck golden boy

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