Ronaldo Forum CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo vs Galatasaray Away (17/09/2013)

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Galatasaray Away (17/09/2013)


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24 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Galatasaray Away (17/09/2013)”

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  2. 4 time best player? he maybe deserved 2 of them! uefalona gets everything.
    in 2010 where sneijder deserved it, which dwarf got it for no reason? yeah messi. nice joke.

  3. Miss Universe and the Olympic Games, are the two most important competitive events on the planet.

  4. Ronaldo scores hattrick and 1 assist in 45 minutes. Messi needs full 90 minutes with no assists against Ajax.

  5. Cr7 was annoying and selfish at the beginning of this video…but he picked up later.

  6. Please stop with the Ronaldo and Messi comparisons. They’re both great individually and they’re both built differently. You’re really comparing complete opposites.

  7. And you’re all probably united fans who loves Ronaldo. Just look at the highlights and you think, yeah. Ronaldo is a one man team.. I watch allmost every Real Madrid matches and look up the Statistics, Isco is one of the top goalscorers and has the allmost the most assissts. I watched the Galatasaray game and dont get me wrong, i like ronaldo but he failed 3 chances where he was alone against the keeper and i believe someone like Ibra would finish 2/3 of those and score a total of around 5 goals

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