How to play like Cristiano Ronaldo – Sporting Lisbon PART 1

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25 thoughts on “How to play like Cristiano Ronaldo – Sporting Lisbon PART 1”

  1. elzorrito17 says:

    Have you done the third one yet? Also would it be too much´╗┐ trouble for you to organize your vids by playlists? I want to see all of them but I can’t find some. Keep up the great work. ­čśÇ

  2. jaredsena123 says:


  3. Yehia Elbalky says:

    I´╗┐ am 13 years old, is o.5kg ankle weights gonna hurt my legs?

  4. Jason Azevedo says:

    Your hair look´╗┐ like shit

  5. Tommy Khamphone says:

    your teaching´╗┐ too fast, you should have a slowmotion – _ –

  6. Thiago Andes says:


  7. Thiago Andes says:

    Ankle what´╗┐ ??

  8. Michael Drugda says:

    How long time do you play football?´╗┐

  9. Andrea Guerrini says:

    Part 3 pleaseeee!!´╗┐

  10. jdjjdjdjdjdjdjdj says:

    Part 3´╗┐

  11. Amil Agarwal says:

    where is part 3 ? ´╗┐

  12. Edwin Gutierrez says:

    Part 3 pls!!´╗┐

  13. Dissidus Tiduso says:

    Hello , how the reserve elastico pliz :)´╗┐ ?

  14. Vincent Blanco says:

    Where’s part 3? Please make one

  15. gunsoundslave says:

    U missed skill´╗┐ no. 2

  16. Layylaa10 says:

    look´╗┐ at that PElICAn

  17. Shaswata Saha says:

    u talk a lot bro lame video .. go &´╗┐ practise …

  18. Mustafa Khan says:

    I watched the documentary´╗┐

  19. SuperIvan231 says:

    pls make part 3´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  20. Just2Reem says:


  21. Arshdeep Singh says:

    Your a bitch.´╗┐

  22. HarZin Harif says:

    dude , can u help me ?´╗┐ maybe inbox

  23. TheKevinbro49 says:

    Where is the part´╗┐ 3

  24. zhawk q says:

    i´╗┐ had practise with this trick about 1 year and its hepful but one problem is the defender can read the ball and easy to tackle me..can you teach us how to improve dribbling skills

  25. DaEpic1z says:

    Sport´╗┐ “lesbian”?

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