Ronaldo Forum CR7 joe cole tackle-C.Ronaldo (Man Utd Vs Chelsea 23/9/2007)

joe cole tackle-C.Ronaldo (Man Utd Vs Chelsea 23/9/2007)

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25 thoughts on “joe cole tackle-C.Ronaldo (Man Utd Vs Chelsea 23/9/2007)”

  1. So when you already have a red card, you can make a tackle from behind when you’re no way near of getting the ball? Nice logic…

  2. red or yellow man u fans will always make things out to be worse than they really are (should have been red card )

  3. Yep. Comes with the territory unfortunately. That and our players and managers getting banned for nothing. Character building, though.

  4. “MojaveILY” your mums a smack head crack pot of a slag whose living in a dungeon getting fed through a straw my your whore of a grandmother who sticks bananas in her arsehole and sometimes on a special occasion a mars bar as well. Chelsea are the best motherfucker! fuck your face u face fuck!

  5. if i was ronaldo i would have got straight back up and clapped in his face and say that all you got?
    You earn more attention and respect doing that than lying on the floor crying.

  6. Because it’s Manchester United involved and, despite the popular misconception, we get less decisions than any team in the country.

  7. red card everday of the week. I dont like ronaldo or united but that def was a disgraceful tackle from cole.. str8 red 3 game ban

  8. dont think hes as good as mourinho – ferguson took years to build a team and never was sacked for poor performances – managers like mourinho move every few years go to a new club and yet manage to win everything – if fergie moved to a new club in spain or italy something tells me it would take him a few years to win anything

    and for the record he says mourinho is better than him so you choose who to believe.

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