Phil Neville Lunges at Cristiano Ronaldo

Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Phil Neville Lunges at Cristiano Ronaldo”

  1. Fuck Ronaldo made himself look like a pussy…he acts like someone has put a red hot metal in his asshole…

  2. Get your head straight bro..It was a brilliant tackle done with intent and took the player too plus done after the whistle was blown for the initial foul.

  3. Now that’s just a stupid comment. I encourage rough play more than anyone , but really leading with your studs to a person’s chest is dangerous to say the least. Go watch Rugby if u like to see people getting a beating.

  4. Are you on drugs? Ronaldo tried to get up and then got a bad challenge. People pay to watch players like Ronaldo, not shipyard workers like Neville. You damage the ligaments in your knees or your achilles, you’re out for a year. Then you’re never the same player again. FUCK tackles like that morons like yourself.

  5. If he’d have been that badly hurt he’d lie still not roll around..Play acting poofter!

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