Ronaldo Forum CR7 Ricardo Kaka is afraid that his national side has lost it’s magic

Ricardo Kaka is afraid that his national side has lost it’s magic


For the longest of times, Brazil has been considered to be the kings of football and they have 5 FIFA World Cup titles to back that claim but in recent times, the Brazilian national side has been suffering from disappointing results and performances.

The decline of Brazil started off back in the 2014 World Cup when they were humiliated in their own turf after hosting the previous edition of the World Cup and losing 7-1 against Germany. This result was a disastrous one for the Brazilian national side as Germany just ran right past them and when the match reached its end; the Brazilian players were seen in tears and just confused as to what had happened.

More recently, Brazil faced off with Paraguay in the quarter-final stages of the 2015 Copa America and another surprising but disappointing result emerged for the Brazilian as they failed to defeat Paraguay in a match that had to be decided in a penalty shoot-out.

The disheartening thing of Brazil during the 2015 edition of the Copa America is not only the fact that they lost against Paraguay but that they have been displaying underwhelming performances even before when facing off with the Paraguayans.

Brazil had already struggled trying to get past Peru and they only managed to win that match after Neymar emerged in injury time and launched a superb pass which made the difference. Dunga’s men had also lost against Colombia.

This Brazilian team is not the same one it used to be some time ago which brilliantly resembled a joga bonito style of play. The 2007 Ballon d’Or winner Ricardo Kaka is afraid that his country is losing it’s magic that it used to have.

Ricardo Kaka said: ‘’Brazil is struggling. There’s no organization, nobody dealing with the future. They’re only thinking about the immediate future or the next month.I’m worried about that because if you look at the Brazilian championship, it’s not the same anymore. We have to solve the problems because all the other countries are improving with new ideas and methods. I’m still a fan. But we have problems we need to solve.”