Suarez and Evra Handshake – Transfer & Football News – Ronaldo , Man Utd , Chelsea , Arsenal

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  1. Epic wrap up bro! i always love that intro. it is too awesome!

    thanks for the shout outs and playing my song. i always appreciate the support. you are the man

    much love and respect shiftey….peace

  2. – Liverpool – 18 League Titles , 7 F.A Cups , 7 League Cups , 15 Charity Shields , 5 Champions League wins , 3 Uefa Cups and 3 Super Cups. Man Utd record – 19 Titles , 11 F.A Cups , 4 League Cups , 19 Charity Shields , 3 Champions leagues , 1 Uefa Cup , 1 Super Cup , 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 Fifa Club Cup. You could pretty much say that both clubs have a Glorious History regardless if you support Utd or Liverpool .. GGMU & YNWA

  3. thanks i really appreciate your comments and support. It’s all good as long as people enjoy what i do i’m happy with that. i try and bring everyone that tunes in the bigger news that is going around that way you get al the important stuff instead of all the garbage and hopefully saves you some time looking stuff up. But thanks again

  4. well it speaks for itself .. the 3 that i mentioned that is. Keane , Giggs and Cantona. funny how he didnt call for their heads to be chopped.

  5. thanks once again glad your enjoying the show and i’m saving you some time … always good to hear

  6. lol history doesnt lie my friend regardless if you hate Liverpool or not. 5 champions league trophies confirm it

  7. Great episode Shiftey. really liked your handshake from hell stuff. who wrote the actual piece that you did on that its pretty good and funny how AVB thinks he will be around next season to buy people he has no chance if they lose in the CL he will be finished.keep up the good work and keep bringing us your stuff saving me heaps of time. cheers

  8. Thats a really good point about Ferguson. He definitely wouldn’t have sacked one of his own players for snubbing someone.

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