Transfer News – Man Utd , Juventus , PSG – Ronaldo , Rooney , Tevez , Sneijder

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10 thoughts on “Transfer News – Man Utd , Juventus , PSG – Ronaldo , Rooney , Tevez , Sneijder”

  1. Epic video!

    Thanks alot for the mention, and no probs.

    Hmm I want us to get Vertonghen and Remy >:(

    That being said..I wouldnt mind Gourcuff…and Alex, though I hope Chamakh and Arshavin get on their bike.


  2. Theo Walcott has been best for me this season, I’d pick Milner as sub. Wenger says he is tempted to buy in Jan, do you think he will go for a CB/FB now all FBs are injured? Jan Vertonghen or Cahill

  3. Vidic is a massive lose to United….it’s gonna be even harder chace but as always United always find a way n we do have enough good players…..@FootballShiftey RM were interested in Vidiv?

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