Worst Misses Ever ● Cristiano Ronaldo ● Lionel Messi ● Ibrahimovic ● Neymar ● Bale ● ||HD||

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25 thoughts on “Worst Misses Ever ● Cristiano Ronaldo ● Lionel Messi ● Ibrahimovic ● Neymar ● Bale ● ||HD||”

  1. Tommy Mandi says:

    Terrible feeling when that happens… You can’t sleep at night…

  2. FEEL MY STYLE says:

    hahah so Funny, Great work Bro!

  3. tasvin Ravi says:

    This shows that they are all just human 

  4. MM9 says:


  5. Jiggly Puff says:

    2:02 messi didnt miss -_-

  6. JavierNathaniel says:

    haha we have all had these days before.

  7. Nitish Verma says:

    When your luck is out, even a dwarf guy sitting on a camel can be bitten by
    a dog. :D

  8. Rocco Nunziata says:

    Good idea bro

  9. wael armali says:

    At 2:02 it was the defender not Messi .LOL. !

  10. Guy KC says:

    2:01.. Messi did not miss… that was a really good defending..

  11. Fahad Mustafa says:

    Messi 2nd one he didn’t miss the defender cleared it

  12. AshStudio7HD says:

    #CristianoRonaldo #ZlatanIbrahimovic #LionelMessi #Neymar #GarethBale they
    are human after all? 

  13. Jersey FC says:

    Tap ins aren’t that easy.

  14. Junior Rezende says:

    C.ronaldo the King of football !

  15. CriRon7_ i says:

    I think everybody learned a lesson, NEVER tramp it 

  16. Shuhaag miah says:

    The one where Messi is wearing the Argentina kit he didnt miss lol the
    defender got a foot to it

  17. Endre Juhász says:

    Song name: Psycho Crooks – Nostalgia

  18. ProductiionzRA says:

    Check out my speed art of Ronaldo on my channel ! Really would appreciate
    it ! 

  19. Ravindra Pratap Singh says:

    in which season did messi miss that goal..1:30.

  20. Morpheen999 says:

    In games where it is very difficult to create chances sometimes the whole
    team works past 80min to create a tap in like these in then it is missed,
    very bad feeling… very bad..

  21. Naoufal Lamrani says:

    that 2nd one from messi with argentina isnt a miss 🙂 the defender touched
    it … 

  22. Daniel Umah says:

    Haha lolololol great video man

  23. bin aldolah says:


  24. VilaV809 says:

    Neymars miss vs Ecuador was pretty bad

  25. TheRealAlphaQ says:

    It pains me watching this but nice vid:)

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