Cristiano Ronaldo ● All 118 Goals for Manchester United ● 2003-2009 ||HD||

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo ● All 118 Goals for Manchester United ● 2003-2009 ||HD||”

  1. CriRo7i says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo ● All 118 Goals for Manchester United ● 2003-2009 ||HD||
    English Commentary

  2. Lara García Villa says:

    +CriRo7i Thank you for this color changing the writing! :)<33 To be honest
    I like your white writing more than black. ;)<33 You're so cute and nice
    person!^___^<33 Respect for you!<33 Wow.... you found 118 goals from
    Ronaldo! :O<33 Big applause!<33 I can imagine how complicated to make such
    videos like this. It's exhausting. Thanks for your great effort!!<33 You
    have made a great video. Keep it up my friend! ;D<33

  3. Newman Ingo says:

    He had better hair then

  4. Josh R says:

    Is that Gerard Pique at 6:46? I think it is, he used to have them awful
    blonde highlights in his hair. 

  5. SuperStefanpro says:

    40:56 free kick in the penalty box

  6. johnston jerry says:

    wikipedia shows Ronaldo scored 84 goals only for Manutd. How come this has
    118 ??

  7. brett Golembeski says:

    It was basically all Rooney 

  8. Jesse Brown says:

    I miss Ronaldo…hasn’t been a winger like him since he left United :'(

  9. deasignn snaperz says:
  10. ong troi con says:

    ronaldo please come back to home <3

  11. MrClomipramina2 says:
  12. RASPARKFILMS says:

    Historic Video, what a legend

  13. Samuel Holton says:

    I watched the whole thing

  14. Tommy Thunder says:

    i am a follewer love you just go to man u and we will love you more

  15. Tr oll says:

    And he didnt even thank for the goal assist even once….

  16. José Alejandro Rodríguez Varona says:

    His first goal was a Freekick, he last goal was a freekick… Awesome CR7
    the best ot the world! :D

  17. Miguel Quintero says:


  18. MidBallers82 says:

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    comment and tell us what you think!

  19. Tihomir Todorov says:

    ronaldo ti si nai dobriq futbolis ti si mnogo po dobur ot messi

  20. Saliha Malik says:

    Sik goals

  21. AOSRoyal says:

    he was one ugly mofo back then lol. 

  22. Mike Pearson says:

    Great video, thanks for taking the time to put this together!

  23. HullMarkCA says:

    Best player in the world last season, no doubt in that.

  24. narottam shrestha says:

    CR7 THE KING……………..

  25. RumbleofDrums says:

    Nice to hear the commentary and see ordinary footage not some stupid audio
    mix over a montage of clips with effects on. Nice one. 

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