Ronaldo Forum CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo – This Is Me | 2013/2014

Cristiano Ronaldo – This Is Me | 2013/2014

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24 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – This Is Me | 2013/2014”

  1. se você é fã do messi faz vídeo dele. messi conseguiu as 4 bolinhas por causa da fifa 😀 Cristiano Ronaldo tem mas gols que o barça inteiro chupa essa seu lixo

  2. Trainers love messi even whole world loves messi.. you wan’t my opinion?
    no i don’t love messi that’s why i’m special. because i love and respect ronaldo! from the begining and people still don’t get it….
    Cristiano is the best! OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!
    and btw messi got 4 golden balls. who cares? what the fuck really? who cares? the most important are games and in games Ronaldo gives emotions , smile, teamwork, beautifull goals.. that’s all i need. 😉

    thanks for reading
    CR7 we love you <3

  3. Lineker: “Messi is one of the lads”.. Yes but Cristiano is on his own perfect no one brings me that inspiration then him! He can do everything and he never gives up! Cristiano Ronaldo <3

  4. Ash Studio 7 what is the song name 0:55 and from which film is that? please)))

  5. Get a life, Messi does dive, and Messi hasn’t gotten all the haters, just like you. People hate on him all the time, still he keeps going, and proves that he’s the best in the world.

  6. this commentary needs to be in a messi’s video, not CR7
    messi never dives
    CR7 : opposite

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  8. I was thinking about quiting soccer today for my high school but this really brought me up haha thanks

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