Interesting Discussion Between Ronaldo And Messi

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For those who love to see discussions surrounding their favorite players, the recent discussion between Rory McIlroy, Sir Alex Fergusson and Lionel Messi proved to be a wonderful one for the fans. It was held at the Dublin convention center.

It was an evening that drew in a lot of fans, compared to a football match. There were about 2000 fans that were present at the Dublin Convention center. The event took place on Tuesday.

There was a debate between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo that made the discussion interesting. Sir Alex took part in it as well. The evening with Rory was proclaimed through posters outside the convention center in Dublin. Sir Alex Ferguson being brought in as a special guest probably had much to do with the crowd as well. There was an initial question and answer round with James Nesbitt, the actor. After that was over Alex came in and he talked about several subjects around football. He talked about concentration and work ethics as well as the complacency that becomes a disease. He also compared Messi and Ronaldo which was good listening to the fans.

There were other interesting revelations as well. McIlroy and how he damaged his ankle ligaments last July was revealed through a footage not shown before. It also prevented him from being able to defend his Open title. In the show it was revealed how Sir Alex Ferguson had helped Rory to open at the Irish Open as Rory damaged his ankle previously. James Nesbitt interviewed the two ex players on different topics that made the event interesting as well. Such an evening was no less entertaining for the fans than the evenings spent watching the matches. The up close interviews make the players come to life in front of their fans even more.