Cristiano Ronaldo Complete Attacker HD

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Complete Attacker HD”

  1. scipiolol says:

    00:08 ‘Cristiano RoNADLO’ :,)

  2. Muhamed Suljkovic says:

    Amazing Video *-*

  3. Tài ACE says:

    Fuck UEFA he pay tax

  4. holygamingcow says:

    Song name if you need: Bad Style – Time Back 🙂

  5. hknpleasemakesure says:

    That might be true. But ronaldo has played for two of the most famous teams in the world so it makes sense he has many followers. I am a madridsta and i enjoy both.

  6. Rui Encarnação says:

    we will never gonna see a player like Ronaldo… the world best player… all the peole can sse it except FIFA and UEFA…  RESPECT to RONALDO

  7. Filip Jeknic says:

    song name

  8. Cristhofer Coral says:

    Like si eres ecuatoriano
    ( sigueme en twitter @Ecua_DoTeS llegaremos al mundial)

  9. Fouad Majjit says:

    CR7 <3

  10. ivan unikestyle says:


  11. Hà Xôi says:

    He hasn’t got weak foot

  12. Craig Hylton says:

    Easily the best video of Cristiano

  13. Pallavi Prasad says:

    this was all about real madrid
    he has done much more in portugal and manchester united

  14. MrDanielhto says:

    download please

  15. Dabeast239 says:

    Messi is the best but Cristiano Ronaldo is better to watch.

  16. carlos henrique Morais says:

    caralho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    foi longe amigo kkkkk
    Eu fui mais longe
    By video de gatinhos

  17. Leo Rodrigues says:

    By Andressa Urach

  18. Tahir Bent says:

    For a point of me, Cristiano is the best. But in reality Messi is the best..

  19. Giuseppe Bonello says:


  20. demonwares says:

    Ronaldo version 1.9 million views
    Messi version 800 thousand views… that says it all. Messi might be more valuable for being such a great team player, but Ronaldo is way way WAY more entertaining and deadly.

  21. منير العتيبي says:

    C7 the best

  22. East Westwood says:

    00:08 cristiano ronadlo..fuck you your care.

  23. Adalbequi Cavalcante says:

    The best word


  24. 可平 張 says:

    god dammit ronaldo is awsome …

  25. Karim Ali says:

    De beste speler bambam

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