Cristiano Ronaldo Complete Attacker HD

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Complete Attacker HD”

  1. That might be true. But ronaldo has played for two of the most famous teams in the world so it makes sense he has many followers. I am a madridsta and i enjoy both.

  2. we will never gonna see a player like Ronaldo… the world best player… all the peole can sse it except FIFA and UEFA…  RESPECT to RONALDO

  3. this was all about real madrid
    he has done much more in portugal and manchester united

  4. caralho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    foi longe amigo kkkkk
    Eu fui mais longe
    By video de gatinhos

  5. Ronaldo version 1.9 million views
    Messi version 800 thousand views… that says it all. Messi might be more valuable for being such a great team player, but Ronaldo is way way WAY more entertaining and deadly.

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