How to play like Cristiano Ronaldo – Man. Utd PART 2

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25 thoughts on “How to play like Cristiano Ronaldo – Man. Utd PART 2”

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  2. hi, where can i find the video of how to do the step overs and the flicks? thanks! good video btw!

  3. it’s not important at all to make pull ups, and the only reason why it’s good to make push ups is because it is good breast training, it is NOT a must to have big arms, it will only lower the amount of speed in your run because of more mass, legs is good, abs is good, your back is very important, breast is good, and shoulders is good(because a lot of your sprinting powers comes from your arms but it’s the shoulders that does the work). correct me if im wrong please 🙂

  4. dont copy Ronaldo, create your own style, thats the only way that you can be a good player

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