Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 || The Living Legend || 2012 HD

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 || The Living Legend || 2012 HD”

  1. Slottvik says:

    he make them look like air

  2. DJ Kroma says:

    cr7 cel mai tareee !!!!!!!!

  3. Pedro Henrique says:

    JOga muitoo

  4. TheVatoloco97 says:

    Cr7 the best legend ever nd u shud make another video for 2013

  5. Alex Cevallos says:

    cr7 is the best player

  6. christian madrigal says:


  7. ctasdique says:


  8. Adrian Martinez says:

    At least Ronaldo is tall enough to ride roller coasters

  9. Sahia Ahmed says:


  10. Fabian Iniguez says:

    Sike Atleast Ronaldo Dont Score Goals With His Hands

  11. The Empires says:


  12. The Empires says:

    If you like messi soooo much why u watching r

  13. Guillermo Zavala says:

    Dj antoine Ma cherie !!!

  14. KHALID JARBOU says:

    why the bad words

  15. Alex Garcia says:

    Fuck all yall cr7 dick suckers messi is 100% better than that hoe

  16. dawn mathew says:

    1:20 amazing back strike

  17. mirul adlin says:

    I luv cr 7

  18. Daniel Hleb says:

    Fuck messi CR7 is the best

  19. richard cortez miranda says:

    Muy bueno

  20. dawn mathew says:

    ma cherie

  21. soael baba says:

    What is this song called

  22. franklin diaz says:


  23. Sniperake007 says:

    Lol ronaldinho god you must be drunk its zidane

  24. Surag Abdo says:

    he is a legend

  25. nika toidze says:


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